Wordless Weekend in Tahoe

Hi friends! We took advantage of the three-day weekend and went up to Tahoe. Yippee!! I love snow. Here’s my weekend- an (almost) Wordless Weekend Post:



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And now, after a long car ride with a stop at a park, we’re back home and I’m happily chewing on my bone. This weekend I learned that fur coats come in handy and that long car rides often have a good ending- you might even get to go to the snow!!!!


-Does it snow where you live or do you have to drive there like me?
-What’s your favorite thing to do in the snow?


Lucky Dog.

There are all these dog toys at my house!! I helped mom count them and I kept watch of them….


but mom wouldn’t let me play with them.  She said they’re for dogs at the animal shelter.


Even though they all look sooo fun….

I was a good boy.  I said okay……

I chewed my bone.  I played with MY toys.  I sat near the box of the new ones and cried a little bit.


But then I went to the beach.


I took a hike.


And I realized that all the shelter dogs can have their toy donations.  They deserve it.


I have the beach.  Hikes.  And a family that loves me very much.

It’s me….I’m the LUCKY DOG.


And I feel so incredibly grateful for it.

Love you. Time to sleep after a busy weekend.


Buying a Car….the Good and Bad Doggie Errand

Sometimes I like going on errands.  Sometimes I don’t like it.  There are always good things and bad things about the whole experience.

The other day, I went with Mom and Jared on a really, really, really long errand to buy a new car. I had been hearing about this car for ages and supposedly, it has really good windows to stick your head out of…..and I was just happy to be with them, but it was along errand.  As always, this one was good and bad.

Bad things:  We went to this big lot with lots of cars and no grass…..they talked to a guy (who really liked me!) for a long, long time…..


And then we went inside and I sat under a desk for a really long time (bad thing).

Good Thing:  They felt guilty so they gave me a lot of treats during this time.


But guess what!  A really good thing!: Big surprise but another cockapoo came into the store!  Her Mommy was buying a car too!


We looked a lot alike.

What a coincidence!  I played with her while Mommy and Jared finished talk and looking at papers.  Playing is a good thing.

We're all blurry because we're having so much fun playing!

We’re all blurry because we’re having so much fun playing!

And then more sitting so that was a bad thing.

But I got a long walk afterwards, so another good thing.

And we have a new car!  Now we can go even more fun places, even those places that need All-Wheel Drive (whatever that means, mom and jared are just excited about that part so I hope that means fun).  Good thing!

So all in all, I think this errand ended up being a mostly good one!

–What are some errands you like to do?  Don’t like to do?

Wonderful Holiday

Hannukah is over, but I had a wonderful holiday.  I got some great gifts and wanted to share a bit of the festivities with you…

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Am I lucky?  You bet!

Next up…..visiting Santa this afternoon!  I know exactly what I’m going to tell him I want….yes, it involves peanut butter, how’d ya guess.

‘Tis the season for tail wags, kisses, and long walks with warm fur.
XOXO.  Happy Holidays!

3 great things

Hi guys! Just a quick check in. Life has been great lately! The three things that have been extra great lately are….

Lots and lots and lots of belly rubs. Oh boy!

A trip to do laundry with Mom and she put a warm shirt, right out of the dryer on my back! Ahhh it felt so good!

And many cozy car trips, cuddling with lambie and enjoying the seat warmers…all which end up at fun destinations!

Tell me—What are three great things in YOUR life right now???

A Charlie Thanksgiving

I know I say this about every holiday, but this time I’m serious- Thanksgiving is my favoritest day all year.

In the morning, I slept.

But the house started smelling FULL of yummy things, I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

I waited for our guests to arrive by sitting on the front lawn for a long while. I love it when I don’t need a leash.

My dog cousin, Eddie came…but sorry no pictures of him. He’s a cute schnauzer terrier mix….and we got along well.

And when everyone was watching football and eating appetizers in the living room hanging out, I hung out near the set table waiting- just waiting- for dinner to be ready.

Finally the food was ready…it was beautiful.

I stood by Mommy’s chair until she snuck me some turkey

Oh boy was it good!!!

After dinner, we went for a few more walks and I hung out in the kitchen so I could just soak up all the lingering food smells.

Finally, I got tired and fell fast asleep on my new toy Froggy.

And let’s see….other weekend adventures included a hike with good smells and some jack rabbit chasing

Five days straight in the City was fab…I was pretty upset when mom dropped me back off in the suburbs this morning.

At least there’s plenty of fall leaves to play in…

Hope YOU had a good holiday!

-what’d you eat? Any dog cousins come to play at your holiday?

My Duathalon

I did a duathalon this weekend!  Well sort of…a duathalon is really when you run and bike….but I swam and ran, so I’m still calling it a duathalon….

But let me back up a moment.  On Saturday night, we went to the beach just around sunset time.  As you already know, I really love the beach.  We played and ran as the sun was setting.

And then we went over to a beach bonfire party.  Jared shared a little bit of tortilla chips with me.  It was scrumptuous.

It got a bit cold and I started shivering because I had swam in the water earlier that day, so we left after a little while and went back to the warm house.

It was a good choice because we got up early the next morning for a big Duathalon!  Jared is training for an Ironman- that’s when you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run a whole marathon.  Every weekend, he leaves for training and comes home smelling like the park and outdoors fun stuff.  I always want to go with him, but am never allowed. Until today!

Mommy and I went with Jared to the park for his training- he had swimming and running on the schedule for today! I love both swimming and running, so I was excited.

First, I just hung around the lake with Mom and Jared.  It smelled great!

Then, when I was busy sniffing, Jared and his teammates got into the water and disappeared! I was a little worried.  I like it best when we stay together.  We’re a pack, afterall.

Mommy wanted to go walk around on some hiking trails while they swam, but I didn’t want to.  I kept my eyes glued on the lake the whole time.

After a while, she let me just stand watch by the lake.

FINALLY, finally, I saw Jared start emerging from the water.  He was still far away, but I sprinted into the water and swam far out to go get him.

We swam back together.

Whew, I was so glad he was back on land!  And that swim gave me so much energy!

I ran around in circles to dry off a bit while they towled off.

I was just so happy to be with Jared, I stuck by him like glue for the rest of the day.

He changed into his run clothes and I walked with them to the running trails.

Mommy assumed I would just walk with her while they ran, but no way Jose! I was going to do whatever they did. I wanted to be one of the guys.

They started running.  And so I followed!

We ran all along the trails.

And kept on running.

Pretty fast, if I do say so myself.

Miles 2, 3, and 4 passed by quickly.  I passed mom about every mile and she offered to hang out with me so I could rest, but I didn’t want to stop! Even though I have short little legs, I can run fast and far.

Sometimes we raced…..

I’m winning!

Mile 5 passed too before I knew it.

okay, they caught up

And before you’d know it, I ran 6.2 miles!!

Mommy and Jared were so proud of me! I usually sleep most of the day, so they didn’t realize I could run so fast or so far, but I can.  And you know what?  I really liked it.  I’m thinking about training for a marathon……

After that, we went out for pizza.


And then I came home and napped, of course.  My duathalon made me a little bit sleepy!


Mom gave me a bath because I smelled like fish from the lake- gross.  We ate steak (I love Sundays!) and then played ball for a while.  Before I knew it, the day was over, Monday begun, and it’s back to the workweek in the ‘burbs.

Another active weekend! I just can’t wait for the next one.

Until next time xoxox


— Are you a runner?
— Do you like to swim too?
— How close are you to the beach?