My Duathalon

I did a duathalon this weekend!  Well sort of…a duathalon is really when you run and bike….but I swam and ran, so I’m still calling it a duathalon….

But let me back up a moment.  On Saturday night, we went to the beach just around sunset time.  As you already know, I really love the beach.  We played and ran as the sun was setting.

And then we went over to a beach bonfire party.  Jared shared a little bit of tortilla chips with me.  It was scrumptuous.

It got a bit cold and I started shivering because I had swam in the water earlier that day, so we left after a little while and went back to the warm house.

It was a good choice because we got up early the next morning for a big Duathalon!  Jared is training for an Ironman- that’s when you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run a whole marathon.  Every weekend, he leaves for training and comes home smelling like the park and outdoors fun stuff.  I always want to go with him, but am never allowed. Until today!

Mommy and I went with Jared to the park for his training- he had swimming and running on the schedule for today! I love both swimming and running, so I was excited.

First, I just hung around the lake with Mom and Jared.  It smelled great!

Then, when I was busy sniffing, Jared and his teammates got into the water and disappeared! I was a little worried.  I like it best when we stay together.  We’re a pack, afterall.

Mommy wanted to go walk around on some hiking trails while they swam, but I didn’t want to.  I kept my eyes glued on the lake the whole time.

After a while, she let me just stand watch by the lake.

FINALLY, finally, I saw Jared start emerging from the water.  He was still far away, but I sprinted into the water and swam far out to go get him.

We swam back together.

Whew, I was so glad he was back on land!  And that swim gave me so much energy!

I ran around in circles to dry off a bit while they towled off.

I was just so happy to be with Jared, I stuck by him like glue for the rest of the day.

He changed into his run clothes and I walked with them to the running trails.

Mommy assumed I would just walk with her while they ran, but no way Jose! I was going to do whatever they did. I wanted to be one of the guys.

They started running.  And so I followed!

We ran all along the trails.

And kept on running.

Pretty fast, if I do say so myself.

Miles 2, 3, and 4 passed by quickly.  I passed mom about every mile and she offered to hang out with me so I could rest, but I didn’t want to stop! Even though I have short little legs, I can run fast and far.

Sometimes we raced…..

I’m winning!

Mile 5 passed too before I knew it.

okay, they caught up

And before you’d know it, I ran 6.2 miles!!

Mommy and Jared were so proud of me! I usually sleep most of the day, so they didn’t realize I could run so fast or so far, but I can.  And you know what?  I really liked it.  I’m thinking about training for a marathon……

After that, we went out for pizza.


And then I came home and napped, of course.  My duathalon made me a little bit sleepy!


Mom gave me a bath because I smelled like fish from the lake- gross.  We ate steak (I love Sundays!) and then played ball for a while.  Before I knew it, the day was over, Monday begun, and it’s back to the workweek in the ‘burbs.

Another active weekend! I just can’t wait for the next one.

Until next time xoxox


— Are you a runner?
— Do you like to swim too?
— How close are you to the beach?




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