Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I’ve been strutting my stuff with this silly pumpkin hat all day in hopes that all the neighbors will give me candy treats!

Hope you have a SPOOK-tacular day! I can’t wait until tonight when I can greet all the kids at the door.  Maybe I can convince them to play with me too…I plan to at least try!

And friends, sorry for the disappearing act lately.  Mommy says my weekends have been too routine- sleep, walks at the park, eating food, more walks, etc- and not much to blog about…BUT I think she’s wrong- I’ve learned new tricks, gone new places, and had some interesting thoughts so I promise to blog about them soon.

I’m much cuter than those pumpkins!

ALSO, in my spare time I’m starting a REALLY AREALLY REALLY exciting new project to help some of the local shelter dogs near me.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Until then, Have a really fun holiday!

Love always,


A Festival

Hi, friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  I sure did.

On Sunday, Mommy, Jared, and I went to a big festival, just for dogs.  It was hosted by the SPCA.

They gave us lots of treats (only if I sat nicely though, of course).

I met some doggie friends too.

I wish Mommy would carry me around like this:

Or like this– This lady had four dogs in that stroller!

There were booths about doggie massages, doggie hotels, dog food, and doggie daycare.  I wanted to spend more time at the dog massage table, but mom said it was silly to spend money on that and she would just give me extra pets instead.

There were some doggies at the festival who were looking for new homes.  I hope they found them!  I wanted them to come home with me, but they couldn’t.

Mommy did spoil me though.  There was a meat truck and they sold dog bones!  I had never had a real, raw bone before

I was really excited.

And after a few hours at the park (i had fun!)

I sat down and ate that bone for hours.  Little dog.  Big bloody bone.

And on that note, it was the end of a fab day.

— Do you ever go to Dog Festivals?
— Do you eat big bones too?
— What’d you do this weekend?