A Festival

Hi, friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  I sure did.

On Sunday, Mommy, Jared, and I went to a big festival, just for dogs.  It was hosted by the SPCA.

They gave us lots of treats (only if I sat nicely though, of course).

I met some doggie friends too.

I wish Mommy would carry me around like this:

Or like this– This lady had four dogs in that stroller!

There were booths about doggie massages, doggie hotels, dog food, and doggie daycare.  I wanted to spend more time at the dog massage table, but mom said it was silly to spend money on that and she would just give me extra pets instead.

There were some doggies at the festival who were looking for new homes.  I hope they found them!  I wanted them to come home with me, but they couldn’t.

Mommy did spoil me though.  There was a meat truck and they sold dog bones!  I had never had a real, raw bone before

I was really excited.

And after a few hours at the park (i had fun!)

I sat down and ate that bone for hours.  Little dog.  Big bloody bone.

And on that note, it was the end of a fab day.

— Do you ever go to Dog Festivals?
— Do you eat big bones too?
— What’d you do this weekend?



8 thoughts on “A Festival

  1. Hi Charlie, my name is Buster and I’m a 15mo old cockapoo! My mom saw your picture on pinterest and found your blog! I LOVE IT. My mom and dad take me everywhere with them because they love me so much and I love adventures!!! We live all the way down in Monterey, but there’s lots of dog friendly stuff here too! The last trip my mom and dad took to SF, they brought me along. I had so much fun on a boat ride underneath the bridge and around that big island that held bad guys! Hope you’re having a good weekend, and I’m going to convince my mom to check out your blog often and keep me in the loop!

    Oh and last weekend we went to a doggie festival called “Poodle Day” and I got to walk in a parade. Lots of new friends to meet there!

    • Hi Buster!! It’s so great to meet you and I’m soooo happy you found my blog!! A boat ride all around the bay?! You’re so lucky!!! I am going to have to convince my mommy to take me on that too. Hope your weekend is going well and full of long walks. Keep in touch! Love, Charlie

  2. HI Charlie
    Looks like you had a fantastic time at the pet festival and made lot’s of new friends there what spoil to get your first dog bone. We bet it was so yummy. We love getting bones to from Milo & Jet

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