A Charlie Thanksgiving

I know I say this about every holiday, but this time I’m serious- Thanksgiving is my favoritest day all year.

In the morning, I slept.

But the house started smelling FULL of yummy things, I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

I waited for our guests to arrive by sitting on the front lawn for a long while. I love it when I don’t need a leash.

My dog cousin, Eddie came…but sorry no pictures of him. He’s a cute schnauzer terrier mix….and we got along well.

And when everyone was watching football and eating appetizers in the living room hanging out, I hung out near the set table waiting- just waiting- for dinner to be ready.

Finally the food was ready…it was beautiful.

I stood by Mommy’s chair until she snuck me some turkey

Oh boy was it good!!!

After dinner, we went for a few more walks and I hung out in the kitchen so I could just soak up all the lingering food smells.

Finally, I got tired and fell fast asleep on my new toy Froggy.

And let’s see….other weekend adventures included a hike with good smells and some jack rabbit chasing

Five days straight in the City was fab…I was pretty upset when mom dropped me back off in the suburbs this morning.

At least there’s plenty of fall leaves to play in…

Hope YOU had a good holiday!

-what’d you eat? Any dog cousins come to play at your holiday?


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