Postcard from Vacation

Greetings from Carmel, California on the coast!

It’s been a busy few weeks (and I’ve been stuck in the subburbs), but today I left for a short vacation to the coast.

Carmel is supposedly one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States, so I thought I’d check it out.

As long as I can play in the sand and roll in the water, I’m a happy dog!

Will give you my full report when I’m back.  Happy vacation everyone!

Love the white sand and blue water-- can't wait to play!


Haitus from Citylife and a roadtrip to LA

Hello there!

Sorry for not writing for so long.  I’ve had a busy month of July and haven’t been spending much time in the City.  I did go on vacation though!  Grandma and Grandpa took me to Los Angeles to visit my cousins.  It was quite an adventure!

Here are some memories of my trip:

We went to the beach.  Blue skies, but the water is decieving… was cold!

Brrr, the water is cold!

I sucked it up though and still went in (on leash, unfortunately)

We went to a concert and I chilled underneath the palm trees

Chillin' listening to music

Got a great pet/rub down massage while I was there (thanks Gram!)

Ahhhh, life is good

Wore a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes (and to show my Nor Cal spirit… Dodgers)

How do I look?

Saw some sites

Enjoying the moment

Gramps looks handsome in this picture, but I was tired of posing for pictures

Then, I had to take a bath in the hotel room.

Ahhh, hot showers are the best

And took a rest break with my new friend


I slept very well that night.  It was a good thing, because then it was time to meet my dog-cousins!

They were excited to see me too and were waiting at the door when I arrived

We made fast friends.

Hanging out

I also met my human-cousin, Nick and snuggled with him a bunch

We did some more sightseeing.  That’s me with Ben Franklin (and Grandma)

And finally it was time to come home.  I wore my bowtie for the occasion, courtesy of Panda.

Looking spiffy

Hope you are enjoying some summer adventures!  Will write again soon, I promise.  But now, it’s time to find Monkey for some playtime!!