Snipped, Poked, and Shot

Oh what a week I’ve had!  It was terrible.  I was snipped, poked, washed, and even shot!

It all started one morning.  I thought I was just going for a lovely car ride, but instead got dropped off at the GROOMERS.  It’s not that I mind it sooo much– I mean, they’re nice enough and there’s other dogs to play with (though I don’t always like those other dogs and sometimes go hide in the other room to take a nap while waiting my turn)- it’s just that I would MUCH rather spend the day sleeping on my cozy couch or played with monkey. And who likes to be prodded and snipped anyways?

Mom she said I really needed a cut.  I couldn’t help but agree.

After spending six hours there where I was bathed, my nails were clipped, every single hair was snipped, and then finally blow-dryed…I was clean and smelled like perfume. Pee-yew! I rolled in some dirt less than an hour later.

Mom says I looked handsome.

yes, i got to go to park, it was fun and made me feel better after my hard day

I thought the worst was over, but only a couple days later, we went to the VET.  I was looking out the car window and saw where we were going– I started shaking with fear before we even pulled into the parking lot!  I hate the vet! It smells like medicine in there and he always does yucky things to me (like put a thermometer up my butt).

I was brave and walked up to the door by myself.

I tried to hide under Mommy’s chair in the waiting room, but that didn’t work so well.

The Vet touched me all over, took my temperature, looked in my ears and in my mouth, and listened to my heart.  I wasn’t quite sure what he and Mommy were saying, but something about me having a heart murmur since I was born…..but this time, they decided I needed an Xray to make sure it looked okay, so they took me into another room away from Mommy.  The Xray was kind of fun because they petted me and I got to see what the rest of the office looked like, but I was glad when it was over.  And luckily, they say my heart is fine.

But then, it gets worse.  I GOT THREE SHOTS! I cringe just thinkning about it.  It hurt and I tried to be a brave big boy, but OUCH.

Look at those awful things!

After that, we went back into the waiting room so Mommy could pay.  She kept mumbling something about how I cost her $450 and she was broke now, so I guess she doesn’t like going to the vet much either (seee Mom, told you so!).

UGH.  I was thrilled to be out of there.  The last two times Mom has taken me into the car, I’ve started shaking…I don’t want to go back to the Vet.

Luckily, my week got a little better because we stopped at the Dog Bakery and I got an apple cinammon cookie.  Look how big it is! Just for me!

And that, my friends was my week of being snipped, poked and shot.  Let’s hope next week is mmmmmuuuuchh better!