Christmas Charlie-Style

Merry Christmas everyone!

Last week, I met this guy:

I was so comfy on his lap. What a jolly guy!

He was terrific!  He patted my head, I licked his nose, and then I told him everything I wanted for Christmas.

He must have listened because on Christmas morning, I woke up to a stack of presents!

First, I had to do some unwrapping:

Unwrapping is tough when you don't have thumbs

And pretty soon, I wound up with a whole pile of toys!  Here I am with all my goodies:

Mommy asked me to sit nicely and pose with my toys. I complied.

I got a lion full of squeaks, an octopus, a ducky toy, a bone, and more!

I surveyed everything:


They are all so fun!  Then, I took a nap with my head resting on all my new toys.


Until I came to my senses and moved to the bed.  Much more comfortable for naptime.


The rest of the weekend was busy and fun.

I went for a hike.


Practiced my new trick of shaking my paw:

I'm getting really good at this. And my humans get SO excited when I do it. Definitely a win-win.


Gave lots of hugs and excited kisses:


Built a few snowmen out of sand:

Festive for California Christmas


And the very best part of the whole weekend?  I GOT TO EAT A LOT OF TREATS!!

I am such a lucky dog!

Santa must have thought I was more nice than naughty this year.  I sure like that guy.

Merry Christmas and Happy almost New Year!



I got leied

Seriously folks, my Mom and Jared went to Hawaii and all I got was this flowered lei!

It was a nice gift, but I would have preferred a pineapple-flavored bone.  Better yet, I’d have liked to tag along and go swimming in the Hawaiin ocean.

A little miffed that mom didn’t take me with her.  Maybe next year.  Until then, I’ll just chill in my lei and daydream.