Beach Bum: Last Days of Summer

I don’t know about you, but nothing says summer to me like a day at the beach.

Sand, waves, and napping in the sunshine….

Blue skies, wet fur, doggie smiles…

Maybe even some food dropped in the sand or a sandcastle to pee on…..

It’s an adventure everytime.

So as summer comes to a close, I bet you can guess where I’m spending as much time as possible.


Happy Labor Day!! Enjoy it by doing your very favorite summer thing.

How do you like to spend the summer?  Swimming pool? Lake? Beach?


I Like to Shop

Since I live in the subburbs during the week and the City on weekends, I can appreciate the good things about both places.  For example, in the subburbs, there are less cars and traffic so I can be off-leash more often, I have my neighborhood friends that I get to see regularly, and I have a backyard so I can sit outside more often (and protect it by barking!).

In the City however, I like to shop!  We live right near a shopping street and doing errands with Mom is one of my most favorite things (most of the time).

You know why?  All the shops  give dogs special things! We walk down the street and there is treat after treat AND so many waters bowls, left especially for us doggies!  There’s so much water, I don’t even need to drink from my water bowl at home.

My aboslute favorite place to shop is the bakery!  I demand insist that we stop there every time we go shopping.  Even if Mommy wants to walk on the other side of the street, I saw, “No Way Jose!” and plop by butt down and won’t move until we cross the street and go to the bakery.

You know why?

They give out homemade freshly baked doggie treats!  Oh my goodness, they are delicious.

I’m not allowed inside the bakery though, so I usually just sit by the doorway when Mom’s inside and send her telepathic messages to bring me out some more treats too.  It usually doesn’t work.

Also on our shopping street, there are TWO stores especially for doggies (and cats too, I guess).  When we get close to one of them, I try to run as fast as I can to get inside.

Then, I usually head right to the cash register area and sit nicely so they give me a treat (dried chicken- so YUM) and then make my way over to the food aisle.  Yum, that food smells good!

I get really, really sad when one of the stores is closed though.  Even though Mom tries to explain to me that we’ll have to come back another time, I just try to stay by the door as long as possible, hoping, really, really hoping that they’ll open and let me in so I can get a treat or play with their toys.  That doesn’t usually happen though….

Sometimes the errands we do are sort of boring though….like when Mom takes me with her to the make-up store.  Besides getting a lot of pats on the head by all the people there, I don’t really look forward to going there too much.

So usually, in this case, I’ll just lay down and take a little nap until Mom’s done.

And afterwards, I’ll stop by and take sips of water at all the spots I missed on the first half of our shopping adventure.

And then hope with all my might, that Mom stops at the park on the way home so I can talk to all my dog friends about my shopping day.

After that, I’m pretty tired and come home to sleep.  But boy, I just love shopping in the City!



How about you? Do you like to shop?  Do the shops near you like dogs, give them treats, and let them come inside?