Wonderful Holiday

Hannukah is over, but I had a wonderful holiday.  I got some great gifts and wanted to share a bit of the festivities with you…

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Am I lucky?  You bet!

Next up…..visiting Santa this afternoon!  I know exactly what I’m going to tell him I want….yes, it involves peanut butter, how’d ya guess.

‘Tis the season for tail wags, kisses, and long walks with warm fur.
XOXO.  Happy Holidays!


3 great things

Hi guys! Just a quick check in. Life has been great lately! The three things that have been extra great lately are….

Lots and lots and lots of belly rubs. Oh boy!

A trip to do laundry with Mom and she put a warm shirt, right out of the dryer on my back! Ahhh it felt so good!

And many cozy car trips, cuddling with lambie and enjoying the seat warmers…all which end up at fun destinations!

Tell me—What are three great things in YOUR life right now???