How I spent my weekend

This weekend:

I hiked.



I played on the beach.


I swam in a lagoon.


I rolled around in the sand.


I bathed.


And then I slept.


How was your weekend?



Hiking, Sunshine, and a New Collar

Oh boy, was it H.O.T. this weekend!  The sun was shining and my tongue was hanging out of my mouth most of the time.  That didn’t stop me from hiking and playing outside as much as possible though.  I went so many places and smelled so many new things, it was so much fun!

Saturday started with a hike around a big lake!  I was sort of nervous in the long car ride because I didn’t know where we were going, but as soon as Mommy parked the car and I saw all the trees, I just knew it would be fun! 

Here I am at the start of the trail:

Ready for a hike!

Only bad news was this sign:


So I had to stay on the leash most of the time. 

I ran up these steps:

I am so fast!

And found something that smelled amazing!  I rolled and rolled all around in it.

Awwww, smelly trails are my favorite

And then sadly, after 4.4 miles, the hike was over.  I posed here so you can see the lake.  By the time we took this picture, I was soooo hot though!

See how pretty the lake is?

I came home and fell fast asleep for the rest of the night.


The next day (Sunday) was full of walks and adventures too.  It started off with Mom surprising me with a new, bright blue collar and matching leash! I look so snazzy in it.  First, I came with her to get coffee and waited outside patiently while watching her sunglasses.

People-watching while waiting for Mom

Then we continued walking down the street and past my very favorite store.  Too bad they were closed. 

This is my favorite store

We continued walking to the Palace so we could watch the swans and sniff the grass.

Waiting for a dog-friend

Later in the day, we went to see Grand-paw for Father’s Day.  Grandma had won me a new toy at the fair!  I absolutely love it and cuddeled with it for a good chunk of the afternoon.

My new stuffy, Panda

And THEN, as if this weekend wasn’t busy enough, we went for another walk in the hot sun.  First to a dog park and then around on a trail.  It was really hot by then, especially with my fur coat.  I still had fun though.  

Dog park.....with no other dogs, wah

After walking around the trail, we came to the highest flight of steps I had ever seen!  It was like a mountain.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I could do it…..

Surveying the steps......


I took a deep breath.....


And up I went, as fast as I could!


Until I got to the top and collapsed in the shade, feeling very proud of myself.

What a day.  After we got back from the walk, I played with Panda a bit more, ate some chicken, and then slept. 
That was a fun, busy weekend and I am tired!
So long friends, see you next weekend!

A rainy weekend in June

Hi friends!

This weekend was R.A.I.N.Y.  and I didn’t like it one bit!  Rain doesn’t equal playing outside and long walks, so instead I spent most of it sleeping and playing with my toys inside.

The weekend started off like many others with a drive to the City. 

I like to look out the window. There's always lots to see.When we got to the apartment, it was very, very rainy


Rainy, rainy day


We tried to go for a walk, but I got soaking wet

So I walked around with a blanket around me for a little while. Tried to play with my ball with the blanket too

Then I curled up on the couch under a blanket

...and watched a little t.v..

It cleared up a little bit on Sunday and Mommy took me to the beach.  She forgot her camera, but that was okay with me.  I played in the water and met a few dog friends.  I got chased by a Wheaton Terrier and was very happy when his Dad put his leash back on him.  Then I slept and ate a bit more and before I knew it, the weekend was over.

Talk to you soon!

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!  My name is Charlie.  I am a 2 year old puppy who loves everyone.  I live in San Francisco and on the weekends I love meeting new people and playing in the sand at the beach.  This is my blog so I can tell you all about my life.

here’s a few things about me:

Stetching out for mom

I love bananas, peanut butter, bacon, mandarin oranges, and olive oil.
I am very good at scaring away crows and other birds.
I have a lot of friends.
I really don’t like to have my teeth brushed.

Here’s a photo of me from last weekend.  I ate too much grass and had to lay on the couch and let my mom rub my tummy for a while.  Then I felt much better.

Smiling for the camera