Happy Memorial Day!

Oops, thought I hit publish on this post on Monday.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Eat hot dogs, play in the grass and give extra kisses to veterans.


Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


It’s My Birthday and I’ll Do What I Want!

This past weekend was my birthday!  I’m 21 3 years old.  I feel older and wiser…and happier than ever!

The morning of my birthday, I hung out with my monkey, waiting for the celebration to begin.

But everyone was busy drinking coffee and I started getting afraid that they had forgotten.  I got a little sad and mad.

Until Mommy brought out my Birthday Cupcake Treats!  Then I was happy again!

It was deeeeeelicious!

After the cupcake, Mommy and I went to the Park for a special birthday walk.

Because it was my Birthday, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. 

Usually I like to run, play, and sniff everything.  But today, all I wanted to do was  to roll around in the lovely baseball field dirt.

It just feels so so good!

Then, I wanted to lay down and just observe what was going on for 15 whole minutes or so.  Mommy said “ok,” of course.

Sometimes relaxing and enjoying the sunshine is a perfect way to spend a walk.  Don’t you think?

Later in the day, we went for more walks.  There I got in plenty of smelling and running time.  I wore my Birthday Bandana so everyone knew what a special day it was.

And then, because all the best birthdays involve food, I topped off my birthday with my very own special hamburger (made from yummy grass-fed beef, of course)!

And then, I happily and exhaustedly went to sleep.

Being 3 is fun so far!  Happy Birthday to Me! 



Picnic= Park + Food!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and guess what that meant– all my favorite people all in one place!!

And what’s better than all my favorite people?  The park.  And what’s even better than that.  Food!!  Combine all of them and you get a picnic….whoo hoo!

Mommy, Grampy, and Grammy had been talking about a Sunday Picnic all week long and when the day was finally here, I just couldn’t wait!

While they were still loading the car up, I was ready to go and hopped right in the car.

Come on people, HURRY UP, let’s go already!”

We drove over to this big park that I had never been to before.  So many new smells!  But I didn’t really care about the tree smells though, I was more concerned with filling up my tummy (I must not have eaten enough dry food this morning because I was hungry! Oh wait. I’m always hungry).

We picked out a nice spot and sat down with the cooler.  I wouldn’t let my eyes off the cooler for a second.

And then finally, they opened it up!  And guess what– the cooler was FILLED TO THE BRIM with FOOD! GOOD FOOD!  Not any of that dog food stuff, but real yummy food like chicken and deviled eggs and watermelon.  I wanted to try it all.

“Hello folks, may I try some food, please?  I think you forgot to give me a plate.”

Despite not having a plate of my own, Auntie Amy was nice enough to share.

I ate and ate and ate.  And afterwards, it was time for my daily neck massage from Jared.

We walked around the park a bit, I chased some people around, took a nap in the shade…..and then when it started getting windy, we went home.

We snapped a photo before we left.  I got distracted by a seagul, otherwise I would have smiled for the camera.  (sorry it’s blurry).  Sunday with all my favorite people!

I must have eaten too much though because I spent the rest of the evening, the entire night, and some of the morning in this position.  My tmmy was hurting!

Oh well, it was worth it!

Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?
Do you like picnics too?

Hoping for a Steak

Jared helped me write this post instead of Mommy– Thanks, buddy!

My Grandpaw is a pretty great guy.  He takes lots of photos and does big important things like photoshoots.  For a year now, I have been begging him to take me on a photoshoot with him.  I promised to be REAL good and to help get people to smile.

For a long, long time though, my begging wasn’t doing much good.  Not even when I gave him very hopeful puppy-eyes.

But I didn’t let up! I really wanted to go!  I even let Grand-paw put a silly hat on me in the hammock!

Are you wondering why I’d want to go anyways?

See, he is a photographer and goes to fun parties and meets interesting people…and he almost ALWAYS comes home smelling like steak or other really good food.  Sometimes, especially when he’s all dressed up in a tux, he comes home  talking about the great steak dinners and rubber chicken.  I love steak and have a rubber chicken toy so its sounds like fun and more time with Grandpaw is always nice, so that’s why I want to go.

Then one day last week, he took out his camera and all the other “photography” things and instead of just walking out the door– it happened!!  He called my name to come into the car with him.  “I get to go on a photo shoot! I get to go on a photo shoot!,” I said over and over.

My mouth started watering just thinking of that steak!  But when we got in the car, I noticed things were a little different– he wasn’t wearing his fancy clothes.  I hope that didn’t mean there was no steak?

So we head down the road a little bit and when we get out of the car, there was ANOTHER SURPRISE– I hear Jared calling my name!  My best buddy who I don’t see much on weekdays!!!   

I ran right over to him and didn’t even wait for Grandpaw to hold my leash.  I gave him sooo many kisses– this is turning out to be the best day ever.

I wish I had a ball in my pocket so we could play….. Oh wait I am dog not a Kangaroo— No pockets for me (this was Jared’s joke, not mine- haha).

Anyway back to Jared– it turns out Jared got a new job a few months ago, he is some big shot in Clean Tech and government, too hard to understand, I am only a dog and I only know about jobs like Vet (I don’t like people with this job– they like to give me shots!) and Post Man (I don’t bark at the postman, but all the other dogs in the neighborhood do).

Anyway, Jared needed a new headshot for his job.  It was my job to make him smile while he posed for Grandpa.  Oops, this isn’t a smile!

While I was helping Grandpaw, I turned around and THERE WAS MOMMY!!  Good thing I saved lots of kisses for her.  She fixed Jared’s hair and shirt collar, sheesh, moms… Grandpaw took a few more pictures of my buddy.

And then we all took one a family photo with my favorite humans.   I sure felt happy in this one!

When it was time to go home, I was so happy that I got to go back with Grandpaw that I almost forgot about that steak dinner….

But no such luck and you know what?  I didn’t even care by then.

I learned that there may not be steak at all these photoshoots, but what I found there was even better– happy, playtime with my favoritest people….and that’s better than a steak any day!
Until next time friends,



Silly Signs!

What a busy last weekend.  I feel like I have so much to catch you guys up on!

The weekend started off like it usually does with a ride in the car.  I ride shotgun.

We went for a nice walk.

Me and my Mom…I’m the 4-legged one

Then, Mom took me to a party.  I was the only dog there, so I was a little bored, until I discovered the food table!  It smelled so good!  I thought maybe if I sat patiently, Mommy would give me some, but she said no.  Sure, I had already eaten dinner, but sheesh!  So mean!  So instead, I just sat there watching the food, dreaming about how yummy it would taste.

I really wanted something from that fruit display!

I was happy when we finally left the party– too many rules there!  There seemed to be A LOT of rules all weekend and I wasn’t very good at following them.

On Sunday, we went to Golden Gate Park for a nice picnic.  This is where we sat:


There was a big sign there that said “No Dogs Allowed.” No fair!  Who comes up with these rules anyways?  When Jared went through the gate to go see the garden, I just really, really couldn’t contain myself.  Rules, Shmules!  I wanted to go in too!

Mommy was yelling no, but I just couldn’t help it and in I ran

Right past that silly sign and into the garden

I am such a rebel!  It didn’t last long because when I caught up with Jared, we walked right out.

Silly garden wasn’t even worth it.  I was happy when we left.

We walked around the park a little bit more.  No signs there, luckily.

Mom picked me up for a picture, but I wouldn’t look at the camera— I was trying to spot the squirrels.

There were squirrels everywhere!  I chased two up a tree.  And when we finally lay down to rest in the grass, I kept watch!  I spotted one in the bushes and wouldn’t take my eye off of it– he was bound to come out again!

I was mesmerized for a good twenty minutes!  Finally, I switched positions so I could eat a treat.  Hanging out on the grass in the sun is just swell.


There was one more silly sign this weekend– BUT at least this one was in dog language!  

Grr, Bark, Woof, my friends!  Have a good day!

And tell me–
— Are you good at following the rules?
—Do you like squirrels too?
–And don’t you think Mommy should have given me a piece of fruit at the party??