Buying a Car….the Good and Bad Doggie Errand

Sometimes I like going on errands.  Sometimes I don’t like it.  There are always good things and bad things about the whole experience.

The other day, I went with Mom and Jared on a really, really, really long errand to buy a new car. I had been hearing about this car for ages and supposedly, it has really good windows to stick your head out of…..and I was just happy to be with them, but it was along errand.  As always, this one was good and bad.

Bad things:  We went to this big lot with lots of cars and no grass…..they talked to a guy (who really liked me!) for a long, long time…..


And then we went inside and I sat under a desk for a really long time (bad thing).

Good Thing:  They felt guilty so they gave me a lot of treats during this time.


But guess what!  A really good thing!: Big surprise but another cockapoo came into the store!  Her Mommy was buying a car too!


We looked a lot alike.

What a coincidence!  I played with her while Mommy and Jared finished talk and looking at papers.  Playing is a good thing.

We're all blurry because we're having so much fun playing!

We’re all blurry because we’re having so much fun playing!

And then more sitting so that was a bad thing.

But I got a long walk afterwards, so another good thing.

And we have a new car!  Now we can go even more fun places, even those places that need All-Wheel Drive (whatever that means, mom and jared are just excited about that part so I hope that means fun).  Good thing!

So all in all, I think this errand ended up being a mostly good one!

–What are some errands you like to do?  Don’t like to do?