A Few Things From the Weekend

Hello, friends! Another weekend is over.  I wanted to tell you about a few things going on in my world.

1)  I got a new seat belt.  I’m not really sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  It means I’m safer (according to mom), but I can’t stick my head out the window like I love to do.  But regardless, Mommy makes me put it on, so this is something new in my world.


2)  I got a fun package in the mail!  Check this out– it’s full of treats!! Barker’s Dozen was nice enough to mail me some samples.  It’s too many for me, so we’re going to have a Giveaway!  These treats are homemade and the best!  There’s peanut butter, sweet potato, and so many more.


I taste-tested one and YUM

3) And we got to have a picnic at the beach this weekend!! It was sunny and warm, even in the evening, so Mommy, Jared, and I went over to the beach.  You all know how much I love the beach and so we just had the bestest time.

First we ate.  I got a little chicken.


Then, we played.


Look how high I can jump when I’m chasing Mom!

Mom and I had fun

And so did me and Jared

And afterwards, I got home and fell fast asleep.  I could barely wake up the next day, I was way too tired from all the fun.  Those are just about the best days ever.

So– to all the doggies– do you wear a seat belt?
And tell me a few (or just one) thing about your weekend!

Love always,




My First Therapy Class

Today was my first therapy dog training course at the SPCA!


When we arrived, Mom and I went right into a big room. There were 8 other dogs plus their Mommies and Daddies in there!

I was a little unsure of what we were doing and who these other doggies were, so I chose to sit on Mommy’s lap for a while. The other dogs played a bit.


Pretty soon, a nice guy came in and started explaining everything we would get to do as a therapy dog. We get to go into hospitals and senior living homes and visit all the people staying there! We have to use our very bestest manners, be gentle, and be careful not to jump on anyone. I listened very carefully to the presentation.


After a while though, I got a little bored and went to go see some of the other dogs.


They got me excited for this new job! I really think I’m going to like it. I like meeting new people, going new places, and spending time with Mom, so what could be bad about this?!?!

This class was just a presentation, but next week we get to practice a bunch of stuff like being near wheelchairs and getting used to sudden loud noises (hard stuff!)

By the time we left, I had a big smile on my face. We have two more trainings and then I get to start my job!