Spoiled? Who me?

I’m not spoiled, I just have  a lot of toys!

See?  In this picture there’s Monkey, Lambie, Ducky, Lion, and Octopus.

Sometimes, I like to put them all in one big pile.  Then I sit in the middle of them and take a nap or people-watch.  It makes me so happy.



I played in the snow!!!!

Well Friends, last weekend was pretty much the most fun ever!  I took a long car ride alllll the way up to Tahoe and lo and behold, there was this fun, powedery white stuff all over that Mommy told me was snow!


Whatever it is, it is soft and fluffy and just about the best thing ever to roll around in!


I wore my little green jacket so I would keep warm.



We took lots and lots of walks.  There were so many good smells.  The woods smelled like animals I had never smelled before!


I also met some new doggy friends.


And guess what!  They even have a doggy store here!  Jared took me and bought me a new bone! I really liked it.


I was so sleepy on the ride home that I slept almost the entire way.  Maybe San Francisco will get some of this white fun stuff on the ground sometime?  Or maybe Mommy will take  me here again? I sure hope so!


Just another day at the office

Hello from the office!

It’s been all work and no play around here.  So many emails to answer and meetings to attend!  (Plus the usual daily naps, playtime, and cuddling that need to be fit in too).

Luckily, it’s almost the weekend!  I have a fun one planned.

Hope your work-week is going well!