I Just Wanted a Burger

Have I mentioned that I have a great sense of direction?  Well, I do.  It especially comes in handy when I’m craving some sort of food. And Saturday, I wanted a burger.

btw– Mommy wants to tell you about this post that she didn’t know if was going to be such a blog-able walk, so she didn’t take very good photos- sorry.

On Saturday, Mommy and I left for our usual morning walk.  I like to sniff around the neighborhood and Mommy likes to go to the park, so we did both and wandered around for an hour and half or so.

this is an old photo of me at our park, in case you were wondering

We started to leave the park (it’s about 5 blocks from our house) and go down the usual streets back home, but I got a great idea! 

I knew exactly where we should go next.   The hard part though?  I don’t speak english, so I just had to tell Mom my usual way.

I sat down. 

Nope, I’m not going this way, I told Mommy. Let’s go this way.

And I kept sitting, resisting the tugs of my lease, until she started walking the right way.

That’s how I tell her.


It takes her a while but she understands finally. Sometimes on Saturdays (because that’s our “spend time together” day she lets me choose which side of the street we walk on during our walks).  I love it when she lets me lead.

So now that she’s listening, I start heading in the new direction.  I have only one thing in my mind– A BURGER.

I walk fast, pulling Mommy, not stopping to smell even once.

She tries several times to make me go a different way (aka, back towards home), but nope, I knew where I wanted to go.

We walk and walk.

It wasn’t even a nice area…it actually wasn’t very nice at all, but it’s where I wanted to go.  I don’t think I’ve ever led her with such determination before.

We keep walking for AT LEAST a mile with me leading (and i had never even been in these neighborhoods, but didn’t matter, I have a good sense of direction) until I turn right on Octavia Street………

then the first left onto Hayes…………

until we’re smack in the middle of Hayes Valley.

I’m thrilled because I know we’re close. 

I start walking even faster and faster because we’re almost there!  And then I see it!

Flippers Burgers!

I BOLT as fast as I can– with as much force as I can muster– into their patio.  This is the same restaurant where Mommy, Jared, and I went that day about a month ago on the fun festival day….

Now Mommy knows that I just thought it was the most fun day ever!

you can see how hard i’m pulling from this photo

So I try to walk all the way in to the restaurant.  “Let’s sit down and order a burger, Mom!”

She’s just laughing hysterically at me, “So THIS is where you wanted to go Charlie?” she says.

And so I start getting mad and I want her to stop pulling at my leash to leave, so I lay down in that patio–

No mom, I am NOT leaving.”


She says, “Sorry Charlie, no burgers for us right now” and picks me up so we can sit on a little bench.

I’m so disappointed!  I wanted a burger!

I think I can compromise at least a little bit, so I lead us over to the little square/park where the festival was (she lets me keep leading for a few more minutes because she knows how disappointed I was) and I insist we walk over to the meat truck. Maybe she’ll get me something here?  But it was only 9am so it was closed.

This is us near the meat truck. Mom’s telling me why we can’t go while she takes this photo. My tail drooped and I am so sad.

I have one last idea, this one is just from my nose but a block away is a deli with a brisket special.  We start walking out of the area, but it’s past the deli, luckily.

I try to have Mommy take me in there.  No luck either 😦

Can we go in here, please please please Mom?

Mommy says those last 2 spots weren’t as funny because I could probably smell them, but she doesn’t know “how in the world I knew how to walk to Flippers when it was over a mile away”…..(or how I remembered it so well)

But I knew how—

Mom, I just wanted a burger!  Oh and I have that great sense of direction, you know.”

I was so tired that I passed out into a deeeeeeeep sleep on top of my leash for a few hours when we got back home.

Anyway, Sunday night things got a little better.

Mommy and Jared barbecued and they made me my very own burger, ’cause they knew I was craving it so much.

I may not have gotten my way and ordered a burger at the restaurant…..but this was the next best thing!

The end.

Okay friends, thank you for listening to my story.  Mommy says it’s one of those stories that’s much funnier if you were actually there, but she still wanted me to tell you anway.  Oh and I have so much more to tell you from the weekend, but will do that in new posts later.

Tell me about YOU–
Do you have a good sense of direction? 
Where are your favorite spots to go on a walk?
And don’t you think Mommy should have let me stay for a burger?


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I’ve been strutting my stuff with this silly pumpkin hat all day in hopes that all the neighbors will give me candy treats!

Hope you have a SPOOK-tacular day! I can’t wait until tonight when I can greet all the kids at the door.  Maybe I can convince them to play with me too…I plan to at least try!

And friends, sorry for the disappearing act lately.  Mommy says my weekends have been too routine- sleep, walks at the park, eating food, more walks, etc- and not much to blog about…BUT I think she’s wrong- I’ve learned new tricks, gone new places, and had some interesting thoughts so I promise to blog about them soon.

I’m much cuter than those pumpkins!

ALSO, in my spare time I’m starting a REALLY AREALLY REALLY exciting new project to help some of the local shelter dogs near me.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Until then, Have a really fun holiday!

Love always,

A Festival

Hi, friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  I sure did.

On Sunday, Mommy, Jared, and I went to a big festival, just for dogs.  It was hosted by the SPCA.

They gave us lots of treats (only if I sat nicely though, of course).

I met some doggie friends too.

I wish Mommy would carry me around like this:

Or like this– This lady had four dogs in that stroller!

There were booths about doggie massages, doggie hotels, dog food, and doggie daycare.  I wanted to spend more time at the dog massage table, but mom said it was silly to spend money on that and she would just give me extra pets instead.

There were some doggies at the festival who were looking for new homes.  I hope they found them!  I wanted them to come home with me, but they couldn’t.

Mommy did spoil me though.  There was a meat truck and they sold dog bones!  I had never had a real, raw bone before

I was really excited.

And after a few hours at the park (i had fun!)

I sat down and ate that bone for hours.  Little dog.  Big bloody bone.

And on that note, it was the end of a fab day.

— Do you ever go to Dog Festivals?
— Do you eat big bones too?
— What’d you do this weekend?


Snipped, Poked, and Shot

Oh what a week I’ve had!  It was terrible.  I was snipped, poked, washed, and even shot!

It all started one morning.  I thought I was just going for a lovely car ride, but instead got dropped off at the GROOMERS.  It’s not that I mind it sooo much– I mean, they’re nice enough and there’s other dogs to play with (though I don’t always like those other dogs and sometimes go hide in the other room to take a nap while waiting my turn)- it’s just that I would MUCH rather spend the day sleeping on my cozy couch or played with monkey. And who likes to be prodded and snipped anyways?

Mom she said I really needed a cut.  I couldn’t help but agree.

After spending six hours there where I was bathed, my nails were clipped, every single hair was snipped, and then finally blow-dryed…I was clean and smelled like perfume. Pee-yew! I rolled in some dirt less than an hour later.

Mom says I looked handsome.

yes, i got to go to park, it was fun and made me feel better after my hard day

I thought the worst was over, but only a couple days later, we went to the VET.  I was looking out the car window and saw where we were going– I started shaking with fear before we even pulled into the parking lot!  I hate the vet! It smells like medicine in there and he always does yucky things to me (like put a thermometer up my butt).

I was brave and walked up to the door by myself.

I tried to hide under Mommy’s chair in the waiting room, but that didn’t work so well.

The Vet touched me all over, took my temperature, looked in my ears and in my mouth, and listened to my heart.  I wasn’t quite sure what he and Mommy were saying, but something about me having a heart murmur since I was born…..but this time, they decided I needed an Xray to make sure it looked okay, so they took me into another room away from Mommy.  The Xray was kind of fun because they petted me and I got to see what the rest of the office looked like, but I was glad when it was over.  And luckily, they say my heart is fine.

But then, it gets worse.  I GOT THREE SHOTS! I cringe just thinkning about it.  It hurt and I tried to be a brave big boy, but OUCH.

Look at those awful things!

After that, we went back into the waiting room so Mommy could pay.  She kept mumbling something about how I cost her $450 and she was broke now, so I guess she doesn’t like going to the vet much either (seee Mom, told you so!).

UGH.  I was thrilled to be out of there.  The last two times Mom has taken me into the car, I’ve started shaking…I don’t want to go back to the Vet.

Luckily, my week got a little better because we stopped at the Dog Bakery and I got an apple cinammon cookie.  Look how big it is! Just for me!

And that, my friends was my week of being snipped, poked and shot.  Let’s hope next week is mmmmmuuuuchh better!




Beach Bum: Last Days of Summer

I don’t know about you, but nothing says summer to me like a day at the beach.

Sand, waves, and napping in the sunshine….

Blue skies, wet fur, doggie smiles…

Maybe even some food dropped in the sand or a sandcastle to pee on…..

It’s an adventure everytime.

So as summer comes to a close, I bet you can guess where I’m spending as much time as possible.


Happy Labor Day!! Enjoy it by doing your very favorite summer thing.

How do you like to spend the summer?  Swimming pool? Lake? Beach?

I Like to Shop

Since I live in the subburbs during the week and the City on weekends, I can appreciate the good things about both places.  For example, in the subburbs, there are less cars and traffic so I can be off-leash more often, I have my neighborhood friends that I get to see regularly, and I have a backyard so I can sit outside more often (and protect it by barking!).

In the City however, I like to shop!  We live right near a shopping street and doing errands with Mom is one of my most favorite things (most of the time).

You know why?  All the shops  give dogs special things! We walk down the street and there is treat after treat AND so many waters bowls, left especially for us doggies!  There’s so much water, I don’t even need to drink from my water bowl at home.

My aboslute favorite place to shop is the bakery!  I demand insist that we stop there every time we go shopping.  Even if Mommy wants to walk on the other side of the street, I saw, “No Way Jose!” and plop by butt down and won’t move until we cross the street and go to the bakery.

You know why?

They give out homemade freshly baked doggie treats!  Oh my goodness, they are delicious.

I’m not allowed inside the bakery though, so I usually just sit by the doorway when Mom’s inside and send her telepathic messages to bring me out some more treats too.  It usually doesn’t work.

Also on our shopping street, there are TWO stores especially for doggies (and cats too, I guess).  When we get close to one of them, I try to run as fast as I can to get inside.

Then, I usually head right to the cash register area and sit nicely so they give me a treat (dried chicken- so YUM) and then make my way over to the food aisle.  Yum, that food smells good!

I get really, really sad when one of the stores is closed though.  Even though Mom tries to explain to me that we’ll have to come back another time, I just try to stay by the door as long as possible, hoping, really, really hoping that they’ll open and let me in so I can get a treat or play with their toys.  That doesn’t usually happen though….

Sometimes the errands we do are sort of boring though….like when Mom takes me with her to the make-up store.  Besides getting a lot of pats on the head by all the people there, I don’t really look forward to going there too much.

So usually, in this case, I’ll just lay down and take a little nap until Mom’s done.

And afterwards, I’ll stop by and take sips of water at all the spots I missed on the first half of our shopping adventure.

And then hope with all my might, that Mom stops at the park on the way home so I can talk to all my dog friends about my shopping day.

After that, I’m pretty tired and come home to sleep.  But boy, I just love shopping in the City!



How about you? Do you like to shop?  Do the shops near you like dogs, give them treats, and let them come inside?

200 New Friends At the Beach!

This weekend, Mom shuttled me into the car around 9am and said, “Charlie, today we’re going to the beach for a small dog-meet-up!”

Well, I had no idea what “meet up” meant, but whenever I hear the word BEACH, I get so excited.  So into the car and off to the beach we went!

And when we got there, you wouldn’t guess what we saw– The beach was filled with over 200 people ALL WITH SMALL DOGGIES JUST LIKE ME!

We met at one side of the beach and all started walking together.

“Come on, Mom, HURRY UP!  There are doggies to play with!”

We just played and played and swam in the water all morning long!  I met so many new friends.

Whoops. Teenagers having a little too much fun over there.

Oh how I just love the beach!

And the park too, I also love the park. I went there this weekend too.

And this weekend, I took care of my buddy, Jared, who was sick.  I slept all night keeping his pillow warm.  I think it made him feel a lot better.

And now the weekend’s over….BUT- I hear, we’re going back to the beach on another Saturday so I can see all my new friends and make some more too!  Yay for that!

– Do you have a beach nearby?
– Do you prefer the park or the beach?