200 New Friends At the Beach!

This weekend, Mom shuttled me into the car around 9am and said, “Charlie, today we’re going to the beach for a small dog-meet-up!”

Well, I had no idea what “meet up” meant, but whenever I hear the word BEACH, I get so excited.  So into the car and off to the beach we went!

And when we got there, you wouldn’t guess what we saw– The beach was filled with over 200 people ALL WITH SMALL DOGGIES JUST LIKE ME!

We met at one side of the beach and all started walking together.

“Come on, Mom, HURRY UP!  There are doggies to play with!”

We just played and played and swam in the water all morning long!  I met so many new friends.

Whoops. Teenagers having a little too much fun over there.

Oh how I just love the beach!

And the park too, I also love the park. I went there this weekend too.

And this weekend, I took care of my buddy, Jared, who was sick.  I slept all night keeping his pillow warm.  I think it made him feel a lot better.

And now the weekend’s over….BUT- I hear, we’re going back to the beach on another Saturday so I can see all my new friends and make some more too!  Yay for that!

– Do you have a beach nearby?
– Do you prefer the park or the beach?



4 thoughts on “200 New Friends At the Beach!

  1. Beach trips are incredibly fun, Doggy loves them, although he has never met that many dogs at the beach.
    I would say he enjoys better the beach because of the water but since we cannot go often to the beach he gotta be happy with a dive in the central fountain at the park.

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