Picnic= Park + Food!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and guess what that meant– all my favorite people all in one place!!

And what’s better than all my favorite people?  The park.  And what’s even better than that.  Food!!  Combine all of them and you get a picnic….whoo hoo!

Mommy, Grampy, and Grammy had been talking about a Sunday Picnic all week long and when the day was finally here, I just couldn’t wait!

While they were still loading the car up, I was ready to go and hopped right in the car.

Come on people, HURRY UP, let’s go already!”

We drove over to this big park that I had never been to before.  So many new smells!  But I didn’t really care about the tree smells though, I was more concerned with filling up my tummy (I must not have eaten enough dry food this morning because I was hungry! Oh wait. I’m always hungry).

We picked out a nice spot and sat down with the cooler.  I wouldn’t let my eyes off the cooler for a second.

And then finally, they opened it up!  And guess what– the cooler was FILLED TO THE BRIM with FOOD! GOOD FOOD!  Not any of that dog food stuff, but real yummy food like chicken and deviled eggs and watermelon.  I wanted to try it all.

“Hello folks, may I try some food, please?  I think you forgot to give me a plate.”

Despite not having a plate of my own, Auntie Amy was nice enough to share.

I ate and ate and ate.  And afterwards, it was time for my daily neck massage from Jared.

We walked around the park a bit, I chased some people around, took a nap in the shade…..and then when it started getting windy, we went home.

We snapped a photo before we left.  I got distracted by a seagul, otherwise I would have smiled for the camera.  (sorry it’s blurry).  Sunday with all my favorite people!

I must have eaten too much though because I spent the rest of the evening, the entire night, and some of the morning in this position.  My tmmy was hurting!

Oh well, it was worth it!

Did you have a nice Mother’s Day?
Do you like picnics too?


4 thoughts on “Picnic= Park + Food!

  1. Ooo, Daisy is jealous! What a wonderful day you all had. Daisy has a surprise coming this weekend, though – we’ll be taking her to the beach for the very first time. We can’t wait to see her reaction! 🙂

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