Silly Signs!

What a busy last weekend.  I feel like I have so much to catch you guys up on!

The weekend started off like it usually does with a ride in the car.  I ride shotgun.

We went for a nice walk.

Me and my Mom…I’m the 4-legged one

Then, Mom took me to a party.  I was the only dog there, so I was a little bored, until I discovered the food table!  It smelled so good!  I thought maybe if I sat patiently, Mommy would give me some, but she said no.  Sure, I had already eaten dinner, but sheesh!  So mean!  So instead, I just sat there watching the food, dreaming about how yummy it would taste.

I really wanted something from that fruit display!

I was happy when we finally left the party– too many rules there!  There seemed to be A LOT of rules all weekend and I wasn’t very good at following them.

On Sunday, we went to Golden Gate Park for a nice picnic.  This is where we sat:


There was a big sign there that said “No Dogs Allowed.” No fair!  Who comes up with these rules anyways?  When Jared went through the gate to go see the garden, I just really, really couldn’t contain myself.  Rules, Shmules!  I wanted to go in too!

Mommy was yelling no, but I just couldn’t help it and in I ran

Right past that silly sign and into the garden

I am such a rebel!  It didn’t last long because when I caught up with Jared, we walked right out.

Silly garden wasn’t even worth it.  I was happy when we left.

We walked around the park a little bit more.  No signs there, luckily.

Mom picked me up for a picture, but I wouldn’t look at the camera— I was trying to spot the squirrels.

There were squirrels everywhere!  I chased two up a tree.  And when we finally lay down to rest in the grass, I kept watch!  I spotted one in the bushes and wouldn’t take my eye off of it– he was bound to come out again!

I was mesmerized for a good twenty minutes!  Finally, I switched positions so I could eat a treat.  Hanging out on the grass in the sun is just swell.


There was one more silly sign this weekend– BUT at least this one was in dog language!  

Grr, Bark, Woof, my friends!  Have a good day!

And tell me–
— Are you good at following the rules?
—Do you like squirrels too?
–And don’t you think Mommy should have given me a piece of fruit at the party??


2 thoughts on “Silly Signs!

  1. I agree, Mommy should have given you some fruit!
    Your Mommy looked pretty in the picture with you at the park!

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