My Friends and A Fundraiser


Well, last weekend Mommy went to Florida so instead of going to the city, I stayed with Grammy and Grampy in the subburbs.  Since I can’t tell you about my weekend in SF, I thought I would introduce you to some of my wonderful subburb park friends.

For example, this is Keiko and Masa.  Masa’s a canine and Keiko is her Mommy who always carries so many treats.  She usually gives me some and I am soooo lucky!

I get soo excited when I see them that I couldn’t even sit still for the picture.  She had to hold onto my collar because I could barely contain myself and just wanted to give both of them so many kisses.

This is my Grampy.  He’s so wonderful, I just love him.   He likes the 49ers a lot and he always takes me on really fun walks in the park.

Enjoying our walk.

And this, is my girlfriend Bella with her Mommy Sally.   Let me tell you about Bella- she is just the cutest most fun girl-dog (I almost wrote another word for girl-dog here, but Mommy said “NO, not appropriate on your blog!!“) there ever was.  We play together all the time and everytime I go for a walk, I INSIST on going straight to her house and standing in the front lawn to see if she is around and wants to play.

Isn’t she just so cute??!  Her Mommy Sally is great as well and I always give her lots and lots of kisses.

I have LOTS more good friends and you’ll have to meet my best bud Casey sometime, but I have something else to talk about today.

There’s a doggie that needs help.  Her name is Daffy.  She was a rescue dog and now has a new Mommy, but sadly, Daffy has a mysterious illness.  She’s really sick and needs our help to get better.

This is Daffy

The Barker’s Dozen, which is a REALLY REALLY yummy, all-organic treat shop, is hosting a fundraiser for her.   They are donating 50% of the profits from ALL online sales through the month of April.

So check it out, buy some yummy treats (you’ll love them, I promise) and you can help Daffy.  Cause the thing is…..if it was you or me who was sick, I’d really hope all my pals pitched in too….

Here’s and article with more info about Daffy.
Thanks friends!!




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