Laundry is so interesting

Well, I had never been to a laundromat until a few days ago and let me tell you guys, this laundry thing is interesting stuff!

My auntie took me while she was dog-sitting me. We were having a grand time in her apartment, playing ball and cuddling. I even kept her company while she was baking cookies.

And then, we went on a little outing to the place called “Laundromat.” I didn’t quite know what to expect.

So, I just sorta sat there and watched everything that was going on.

So much whirring of machines. Lots of warmth from the “dry” area. And smells of clean.
We only stayed for a few minutes, unfortunately, but golly, this place was so unique!

I thought about hopping into one of the machines because Mommy keeps telling me I am, “sooo dirty,” but Auntie said that wasn’t a good idea. I guess it’s just the boring bathtub for me later this week.

And that, my friends, was my adventures at the laundromat.

Have you visited any interesting places lately?


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