A rainy weekend in June

Hi friends!

This weekend was R.A.I.N.Y.  and I didn’t like it one bit!  Rain doesn’t equal playing outside and long walks, so instead I spent most of it sleeping and playing with my toys inside.

The weekend started off like many others with a drive to the City. 

I like to look out the window. There's always lots to see.When we got to the apartment, it was very, very rainy


Rainy, rainy day


We tried to go for a walk, but I got soaking wet

So I walked around with a blanket around me for a little while. Tried to play with my ball with the blanket too

Then I curled up on the couch under a blanket

...and watched a little t.v..

It cleared up a little bit on Sunday and Mommy took me to the beach.  She forgot her camera, but that was okay with me.  I played in the water and met a few dog friends.  I got chased by a Wheaton Terrier and was very happy when his Dad put his leash back on him.  Then I slept and ate a bit more and before I knew it, the weekend was over.

Talk to you soon!


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